Business Driven PMO Success Stories

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Across Industries and Around the World
By Mark Price Perry
Hardcover, 6×9, 368 pages
ISBN: 978-1-60427-076-1
January 2013

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Business Driven PMO Success Stories was written by and with over two dozen contributing authors from the worldwide project management and project management office (PMO) community. It offers executives, managers, and all those involved in the projects of the organization, an understanding of the value a PMO can provide, the knowledge they need to determine the purpose of their PMO, and how to craft a PMO best suited to the fulfill that purpose.

Key Features

  • Outlines a roadmap for how to set up an effective PMO aligned to and driven by specific needs of the business
  • Provides new perspectives and views that will challenge PMO managers to reach greater professional heights and gives them the means with which to do so
  • Showcases diverse PMO manager success stories, developed by the contributing authors, that offer a breadth of knowledge on how to ensure a successful PMO
  • WAV offers downloadable business driven PMO mandate, strategy, and executive dashboard primers and templates — available from the Web Added Value™ Download Resource Center

About the author(s)

Mark Price Perry is the founder of BOT International, a boutique firm that specializes in PMO setup. Largely as a result of years of experience in PMO setup work spanning six continents and over fifty countries, Mr. Perry is a world-leading subject matter expert and servant-leader in the practical application of project and program management offices. Over the last decade, Mr. Perry pioneered the concepts and principles of PMO Architecture, PMO Content Assets, and the Business Driven PMO. Mark is host of “The PMO Podcast”, the leading podcast for discussing project and program management offices of all shapes and sizes. He is a sought-after speaker and author of two highly praised books, Business Driven PMO Setup (2009) and Business Driven Project Portfolio Management (2011).

Table of Contents

Part I: Business Driven PMO Insights and Techniques

Section 1—PMO Mandate
Chapter 1: Why PMOs Fail
Chapter 2: PMO Survey Findings
Chapter 3: Project Management Community Mind-Set All Wrong
Chapter 4: Case Study Example of PMO Failure
Chapter 5: Techniques for Establishing a PMO Mandate

Section 2—PMO Business Acumen
Chapter 6: Project Acumen
Chapter 7: Portfolio Acumen
Chapter 8: Dashboard Acumen
Chapter 9: Methodology Acumen
Chapter 10: Maturity Acumen

Section 3—PMO Future
Chapter 11: Perspectives on the PMO Domain
Chapter 12: Perspectives on PMO Manager Career Paths

Part II: Business Driven PMO Success Stories
Success Story #1: Strategic PMO at the Greek Prime Minister’s Office, Panos Agrapidis, Greece
Success Story #2: e-Government Program, Suhail AlAlmaee and Mounes Rashid Shadid, Saudi Arabia
Success Story #3: Thomson Reuters Aranzadi, Juan Arraiza, Spain
Success Story #4: British American Tobacco, Marion Blake, United Kingdom
Success Story #5: An American Benefits Administration Organization, Harlan Bridges, United States
Success Story #6: SIVECO Romania SA, Jimmy Char, Romania
Success Story #7: An American Insurance Company, Luis Crespo, United States
Success Story #8: International Facility Management Association, Jennifer Drai, United States
Success Story #9: A Global 10 Company: The Consolidated PMO, Richard Eichen, United States
Success Story #10: Dubai Roads & Transport Authority Laila Faridoon, United Arab Emirates
Success Story #11: Baker Hughes Incorporated, Ricardo Ferrero, Spain, and Kathie Mitchell, Australia
Success Story #12: Tryg, Ole F. Holleufer, Denmark
Success Story #13: A Nigerian Telecoms Company, Henry Kazalma-Mantey, Nigeria
Success Story #14: Tyco Flow Control, Wai Mun Koo, Singapore
Success Story #15: Ericsson Korea Project Office, Yechie Labay, Korea
Success Story #16: RACE Consulting LP, Vanessa Matsas, Greece
Success Story #17: A South African Financial Services Company, Colin Anthony McCall-Peat, South Africa
Success Story #18: ABS Nautical Systems, Christopher McCourt, United States
Success Story #19: ON Semiconductor, Frank R. Myers, United States
Success Story #20: Fujitsu Sweden, John O’Neill, Sweden
Success Story #21: National Insurance Company, Frank Parth, United States
Success Story #22: IBM Branch Office 120, Mark Price Perry, United States
Success Story #23: ING Central and the Rest of Europe, Henny Portman, Netherlands
Success Story #24: Consulting for the Pharmaceutical Industry, Patrick Richard, Canada
Success Story #25: NAVMISSA, Andrew Wilson and Karen Krause, United States
Success Story #26: A Global SW and IP Networking Product and Service Provider, Troy Youngnickel, Malaysia
Success Story #27: PartnerRe, Erhard Zingg and Martin Kuepfer, Switzerland



“This is a MUST READ book for all PMO Managers.

The information contained in this book is useful for anyone that interacts with the PMO—executives, managers, and others involved in projects within an organization. It provides a clear understanding of the value a PMO can provide, the knowledge required to determine the PMO purpose, and how to create a PMO driven by business needs.”
Rita Swan, PMP (IT / SAP Project Manager)

Business Driven PMO Success Stories describes how results-oriented PMOs can have profound effects on organizations of any size. The approach Perry outlines transcends geography, industry, and technology, and is a must read for those wanting to optimize business results achieved from their PMO.”
Jim C. Park, VP of Services, Tait Communications

“The importance of the business driven PMO approach can be no greater than in the project-rich developing nations of the world. Perry provides a new and much needed focus and understanding of how PMOs can be of tremendous value to businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes.”
Deji Jemiyo, Managing Partner, Jeman Consulting