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About J. Ross Publishing

With more than 100 years of combined professional experience and a commitment to meeting the needs of the marketplace, the executive team at J. Ross Publishing is redefining how our professional and technical books and multi-media products are brought to market. We recognize that the markets we serve are highly competitive and time sensitive, so instead of traditional corporate structures and operational roadblocks that can impede innovation and delay publication; we are committed to bringing quality products to market faster and at the time of greatest demand.

Although bringing quality information to the market quickly and at reasonable prices is important, it is not always enough. At J. Ross, we believe our customers expect more from the books they buy. In order to keep up with today’s challenges, our book buyers need practical, hands-on solutions that solve real-world problems. The goal at J. Ross is to meet these expectations by creating new and innovative ways to add value to the learning experience.

Traditionally, books have been static and do not offer interaction or dialogue. This restrictive approach can limit a reader’s learning potential and at J. Ross, we plan to change that. Our objective is to maximize the use of technology by providing online services and interactive tools that accompany our publications. It is our belief that this applied learning approach will improve comprehension and provide our customers with a more complete learning experience, essential in today’s need for immediacy.

Our vision of the future is firmly grounded in the success of the past. The executive team at J. Ross has a proven track record of entrepreneurial achievement in the publishing industry. We have worked together in the past and continue today in setting innovative standards for getting quality products to market faster, and maintaining our reputation for being responsive to authors and customers alike.


At J. Ross, when we say we value our authors, we mean it. Our company is named in honor of Joel E. Ross, Ph.D., distinguished professor emeritus of management, internationally recognized consultant, and author of numerous successful business books. He wrote two best-selling books for St. Lucie Press, founded by the current owners of J. Ross Publishing. Each book went on to generate more than a million dollars in sales—which was integral to the initial success of the company. Dr. Ross passed away in October 2019.


If you would like to find out about writing a book for J. Ross Publishing, or want more information about our authors, the editorial process, marketing and sales efforts, and what makes us different from traditional publishers, please read an Overview of Our Publishing Program in the Publish with Us section of our web site.

**Attention job seekers: J. Ross Publishing does not conduct job interviews over Skype, WhatsApp, or via text. We will also never send you money to buy equipment to perform work for us. If you have any questions on the validity of a job posting claiming to be from J. Ross Publishing, please reach out to customerservice (at) jrosspub.com.

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