Mastering Software Project Requirements Tools and Templates

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The book, Mastering Software Project Requirements, will enable business analysts and project managers to decompose high-level solutions into granular requirements and to elevate their performance through due diligence and the use of better techniques to meet the particular needs of a given project without sacrificing quality, scope, or project schedules.

These customizable, downloadable tools and templates, which are the Word version of the PDF WAV downloads for this title, will allow you to streamline your projects and can be tailored specifically for your organization. Included in your order are the following items:

• Benefits Realization Planning Document

• Business Rules Templates

• Change and Implementation Plan

• Current State Document

• Future State Document

• High-Level Requirements Document Template

• Low-Level Requirements Document Template

• Requirements Risk Assessment

• Use Case Template

• Gap Analysis Template


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About the author(s)

Barbara Davis is President of RQX Global Training & Consulting, LLC, an organization that provides technology management and profit management solutions for projects, resources, portfolios, and IT services. Mrs. Davis is a proven thought leader and expert in business analysis, project management, and various aspects of IT management and business. She has been a champion of business analysis and technology standards and infrastructure for the past 13 years, during which time she developed the world’s first university accredited business analysis diploma program, proprietary resource maturity and requirements methodologies, and a global online business analysis training program.

Prior to entering the technology field, Barbara gained more than 15 years of functional business experience in operational management, project management, change management, and training. She currently works with Fortune 500 companies to align business analysis services, critical projects, and operational infrastructure to ensure successful outcomes in the face of conflict and very challenging circumstances. Davis is also an international speaker and author of Managing Business Analysis Services: A Framework for Sustainable Projects and Corporate Success (2012).

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