Mastering IT Project Management Customizable Templates

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These are the templates from Appendix I in a customizable Word Document from the Mastering IT Project Management book.

Included in your order are:

Exhibit 3.1     Template for establishing the information-processing needs

Exhibit 3.2     Template for a feasibility report

Exhibit 5.1     Template for a deployment plan document

Exhibit 5.2     Template for a software development plan document

Exhibit 5.3     Template for an installation and commissioning plan

Exhibit 5.4     Template for a quality assurance plan

Exhibit 5.5     Template for a procurement plan

Exhibit 5.6     Template for a risk management plan

Exhibit 5.7     Template for a software maintenance plan

Exhibit 6.1     Template for a handover/takeover format

Exhibit 7.1     Template for a progress report for sub-projects

Exhibit 7.2     Template for an IT project progress report

Exhibit 7.3     Template for recording the minutes of a progress review meeting

Exhibit 8.1     Template for a cash flow statement

Exhibit 9.4     Template for a review/inspection report

Exhibit C.1     Template for a sample resource request form


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Murali Chemuturi is a project management, information technology and software development subject matter expert, hands-on programmer, author, consultant and trainer. In 2001, he formed Chemuturi Consultants which offers information technology and software development consulting and training to organizations in the United States and India. He has over 15 years of engineering experience and more than 26 years of IT and software development experience. His most recent position prior to forming his own firm was Vice President of Software Development at Vistaar e-Business Pvt., Ltd. Mr. Chemuturi earned undergraduate degrees in both Electrical and Industrial Engineering, an MBA, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Methods & Programming. Chemuturi also has several years of academic teaching experience and has taught a variety of computer & IT courses such as COBOL, Fortran, BASIC, Computer Architecture, and Database Management Systems. Murali is a well published author in professional journals and has authored three highly regarded books. In 2009, Mr. Chemuturi wrote his first book, Software Estimation Best Practices, Tools, & Techniques, and followed with two other equally successful books in 2010, Mastering Software Project Management and Mastering Software Quality Assurance. Mr. Chemuturi remains active in professional societies as well. He is a senior member of IEEE, a senior member of the Computer Society of India, and a Fellow of the Indian Institute of Industrial Engineering. 

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