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Prepared by Barbara Davis, author of Managing Business Analysis Services, the downloadable products offered in this bundle provide business analysts with valuable interview tools, change management and implementation tools, and a benefits realization tool. These are the Microsoft Word versions of the PDF WAV downloads. In addition, a valuable Excel Scoring Matrix has also been included that offers convenient built-in formulas for fast and accurate scoring of resumes and interviews. All of these downloadable tools can be customized and tailored for your specific organization.

Included in your order are the following items:

  • Business Analysis Scoring Matrix (Excel)
  • Business Analysis Interview Guide (Word)
  • Change Management and Implementation Plan (Word)
  • Benefits Realization Planning (Word)


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About the author(s)

Barbara Davis, President of RQX Global Training & Consulting, LLC, is a proven thought leader and expert in business analysis, project management, and various aspects of IT management and business. She has been a champion of business analysis and technology standards and infrastructure for the past 13 years, during which time she developed the world’s first university accredited business analysis diploma program, proprietary resource maturity and requirements methodologies, and a global online business analysis training program.

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