On-Demand Supply Management

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World-Class Strategies, Practices and Technology
By Douglas A. Smock, Robert A. Rudzki, & Stephen C. Rogers
Hardcover, 6×9, 328 pages
ISBN: 978-1-932159-62-2
February 2007

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Technology offerings for supply management are changing rapidly. To outpace the competition, today’s firms must be able to understand and implement the latest advances. This book explains how to incorporate the use of supply management technology into advanced sourcing practices to produce significant competitive advantage.

On-Demand Supply Management offers new tools and advice to facilitate the internal technology debate between procurement, IT and finance executives to enable faster adoption of the correct strategies and tools to lower procurement costs and improve bottom-line results. It also provides a practitioner’s view of decision-making processes and adoption challenges that come with constantly evolving technologies. The authors examine IT investment (including make or buy), training, supplier relationship management, corporate governance issues (including Sarbanes-Oxley) and which metrics must be in place for success. This book is a must read for anyone involved in procurement and supply management, and for executives in finance, information technology, manufacturing and R&D.

Key Features

  • Discusses the correct strategies for electronic technologies, on-demand processes, improving supplier management, continuous sourcing, and collaboration with internal stakeholders
  • Explores the potential role of several new software offerings in spend analysis, market-making, supplier relationship management, sourcing, product lifecycle management, should-cost, services’ procurement, and req-to-check
  • Shows what’s real and what’s not in the maze of new technology offerings sweeping through the supply management function
  • Describes how to make your supply chain more demand driven by using the right business processes with your internal stakeholders and supply base
  • Details how to get your internal professionals (procurement, IT, finance) speaking the same language with each other and collaborating to build a relevant business analysis and business case
  • Addresses the cost, effort, and benefits of using IT tools to drive supply management results and how to prioritize, sequence, and match tools to strategic needs and budget realities
  • Provides case studies of companies that have put many of the technology pieces together and are delivering top-notch results

About the author(s)

Douglas A. Smock is Editorial Director of GlobalCPO.com, an online source of procurement analysis and best-in-class practices. Previously, Doug was Editor-in-Chief of Purchasing Magazine. During his tenure, the magazine received five national awards for editorial excellence from the American Society of Business Press Editors. No other publication in this field had ever won even one of these awards. During his career, he also served as chief editor of Plastics World, Associate Publisher of Modern Mold and Tooling at McGraw-Hill, and staff writer for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. He founded and produced the Urethanes Report and High-Tech Molding newsletters and has won or supervised staffs that earned three Jesse Neal awards – one of the most prized awards in the industry that recognizes editorial excellence in independent business publications. He is co-author of the supply management best-seller Straight to the Bottom Line.

Robert A. Rudzki is President of Greybeard Advisors LLC, a firm that assists enterprises improve their financial performance. He is also a director of a privacy and security software company, and is an Advisory Board member of several companies. Previously, Bob was Senior Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer at Bayer Corp., where he led a nationally recognized transformation effort. Prior to that he was an executive of Bethlehem Steel Corp., which he led to recognition from Purchasing Magazine as a Best Places to Work, and a top-quartile ranking in a best practices survey of 160 global corporations. In the course of his career, he has held various executive management positions, which included finance, accounting, procurement and logistics, business development and P&L responsibility. He is co-author of the supply management best-seller Straight to the Bottom Line.

Stephen C. Rogers is currently a Senior Consultant with The Cincinnati Consulting Consortium where he specializes in purchasing and supplier management. He is also the Program Director of The Conference Board’s annual SRM Conference and an adjunct professor at Xavier University. During his 30 years at Procter & Gamble, Steve had functional roles in Purchasing, Manufacturing, and Marketing with both domestic and global responsibilities, including development and expansion of global sourcing efforts, redesign of the Folgers Coffee supply chain and leadership of P&G’s worldwide Purchasing training system. He was awarded a career Sourcing Award, recognizing his role as P&G’s “father” of strategic sourcing and in delivering in excess of $1 billion of hard savings during his time there. He has written several articles and spoken at a number of forums on supply related topics and is on the advisory board of a software company.

Table of Contents

Part I — Getting Started

Chapter 1 — The Demand- and Technology-Driven Supply Chain

Part II — The Basics Plus

Chapter 2 — Spend Analysis: Start Your Engines
Chapter 3 — Sourcing Strategy: The Brains Behind the Game
Chapter 4 — Going to Market: Electronic Supplier Engagement
Chapter 5 — Optimization: Going to Market with Complexity
Chapter 6 — Supplier Relationship Management: Bringing Home the Value
Chapter 7 — P2P: Where E-Procurement Meets Accounts Payable
Chapter 8 — Contract Management: Documenting and Using the Deal
Chapter 9 — PLM: Everyone Get Together
Chapter 10 — Should Cost: From Spreadsheets to Science
Chapter 11 — Services: The Hidden Gem
Chapter 12 — Governance and Risk: Living in a Regulated and Dangerous World
Chapter 13 — On-Demand Supply Chain: What Is It?

Part III — Business Darwinism at Work

Chapter 14 — On-Demand Transformation – IBM
Chapter 15 — Tool & Die: The Tortoise or the Hare?

Part IV — Now Do It!

Chapter 16 — Money: Making the Business Case
Chapter 17 — Master Planning: Creating and Following the Practical Blueprint
Chapter 18 — Adoption: The Real Measure of Success
Chapter 19 — Education: Training the Tools and Tools for Training
Chapter 20 — Goals and Measurements: Defining Winning
Chapter 21 — The Future: Crystal Ball Gazing

Appendix — Example of a RFI for Supply Management
Source Notes