The Lean Extended Enterprise

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By Terence Burton and Steven Boeder
Hardcover, 6 x 9, 296 pages
ISBN: 1-932159-12-6
May 2003
Co-Published with APICS

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This book provides executives, managers and educators with a comprehensive implementation plan for implementing enterprise-wide lean. Using the Lean Extended Enterprise Reference Model (LEERM), it demonstrates that by deploying the right methodologies and technologies to the right situation you can achieve breakthroughs in performance. It also illustrates how to integrate lean, six sigma, kaizen and enterprise resources planning into a total business improvement initiative, beyond the four walls of an organization.

Key Features

  • Demonstrates how to integrate Lean, Six Sigma, Kaizen, ERP into a total business improvement initiative and how to apply the right method to the right opportunities to achieve breakthroughs in performance
  • Illustrates how to develop, organize, launch, and lead a successful enterprise-wide lean operating philosophy, from the executive suite to the shipping dock, and upstream and downstream with suppliers and customers respectively through the total value chain
  • Explains how to apply lean to non-traditional “soft process” areas such as: product development, engineering, customer service, production planning/purchasing, and other support functions
  • Includes implementation tools, assessment guides and templates

About the author(s)

Terence T. Burton, President, Center for Excellence in Operations, Inc., has over thirty years of experience in manufacturing, quality assurance, engineering, materials management, purchasing, distribution, and management consulting. Terry holds a BS and MS in Industrial Engineering from the University of New Haven and an MBA from Boston University. He is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt, a national LEAN SIG Chairman and a CPIM certified member of APICS, and a frequent instructor/educator and speaker at various industry events. Terry has hundreds of published articles to his credit on Lean, Six Sigma, Supply Chain, and Accelerated Product Development and is the author of four books by Prentice-Hall and Harcourt Brace.

Steven M. Boeder is currently Plant Manager at Traex Company, Unit of Libbey, Inc. Steve has over twenty-two years of experience in production, materials management, purchasing, quality, and information technology. Steve has extensive implementation experience in Lean Manufacturing, and serves as a frequent instructor on the subject at the University of Wisconsin’s Management Institute. He holds a BS in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin, an MBA from Edgewood College, and is a CPIM and CIRM certified member of APICS and AME. He has also served as National LEAN SIG Chairman of APICS.

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The Lean Extended Enterprise: Moving Beyond the Four Walls to Value Stream Excellence provides a far-reaching implementation plan for enterprise-wide Lean. Burton and Boeder discuss how integrate the total value stream, vertically, horizontally and laterally, and achieve success through empowered people and teams, cultural transformation, and an integration of Lean, Six Sigma, Kaizen, and enabling IT technologies such as ERP, SCM, CRM, PLM networks, exchanges and portals. Using the Lean Extended Enterprise Reference Model (LEERM), they demonstrate that by deploying the right methodologies and techniques to the right situation you can achieve breakthrough performance. The book illustrates how to develop, organize, launch and lead a successful enterprise-wide Lean operating philosophy, from the executive suite to the shipping dock, upstream and downstream through the total value chain. It includes methods, case studies, examples, models and tools for achieving 100% improvement 100% of the time”.

-Business Times, Joel D. MacClaren

“When you pick up many books on Lean most of what is written is about the shop floor. This book provides a holistic total value stream approach to Lean and builds a greater appreciation of the leadership strategy, execution and soft cultural practices that contribute to success.”

– International Logistics Abstracts