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This course e-packet is for use in the following course taught by Professor Humberto Coronado at the University of Maryland:

BULM701: Special Topics in Logistics, Business and Public Policy; Business Fundamentals for Supply Chain Managers II

(Meets October 25, 2022 – December 14, 2022; TTH 12:00pm – 1:50pm; VMH 1303)

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Table of Contents

Supply Chain Vector: Methods for Linking Execution of Global Business Models with Financial Performance, By Daniel L. Gardner, CPM

Chapter  8—Six Sigma Applications in Global Business Models
Chapter  9—Six Sigma Tools for SCM
Chapter 10—The Lingua Franca of Supply Chain Management
Chapter 11—Measuring Results: NikoTech, Inc.
Chapter 12—NikoTech: The Operating Cycle & Cash To Cash Cycle
Chapter 13—NikoTech: The Balance Sheet
Chapter 14—NikoTech: The Income Statement
Chapter 15—General Motors, The DuPont Formula and Return on Investment
Chapter 16—The Statement of Cash Flows

Supply Chain Financial Management: Best Practices, Tools, and Applications for Improved Performance, By Robert J. Trent, Ph.D.

Chapter 2—Evaluating and Selecting Suppliers
Chapter 3—Evaluating and Selecting Suppliers-The Financial Perspective
Chapter 14—Managing Inventory Investment Effectively
Chapter 15—Managing Inventory Investment Effectively-The Financial Perspective

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