Class A ERP Implementation

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Integrating Lean and Six Sigma
By Donald Sheldon
Hardcover, 6×9, 304 pages
ISBN: 1-932159-34-7
May 2005
Co-published with APICS

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Class A ERP is often misunderstood and confused with software tools and implementations but is actually a management system for continuous improvement. This book will resolve these myths by thoroughly describing the definition of Class A ERP and giving specifics for achieving Class A performance in a reasonable timeframe. Examples from successes will be referenced to and the author will build a case for breaking the journey to world-class performance into bite-sized, doable focus areas. Class A ERP Implementation will help organizations set the stage for maximum effectiveness of both Lean strategies and Six Sigma and establish ERP disciplines as the prerequisite to success.

Key Features

  • Facilitates detailed understanding of Class A ERP in a “how to,” approachable format
  • Describes how ERP, Lean and Six Sigma can be combined to create the perfect environment for continuous improvement
  • Offers detailed coverage of all aspects of ERP including top management planning, cost planning, Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP), master scheduling, execution planning, procurement process planning, supply chain management, shop floor control and customer service
  • Illustrates audit criteria for confirmation of Class A performance
  • Presents valuable insights into management systems and accountability infrastructures allowing more employee involvement and successful sharing of business goals through the use of ERP disciplines

About the author(s)

Donald H. Sheldon is president of DH Sheldon & Associates, an international consulting firm headquartered in New York. As a practitioner, this leading expert previously served as Director and General Manager of The Raymond Corporation’s Worldwide Aftermarket Services Division and as Vice President of Global Quality and Six Sigma Services for the NCR Corporation. Prior to forming his own firm, Mr. Sheldon was Vice President for BUKER, Inc, of Chicago, a world-recognized leader in management education and consulting. He has been published in numerous magazines and journals and is author of the book Achieving Inventory Accuracy and was co-author of The Road to Class A Manufacturing Resource Planning (MPR II). He has been a frequent speaker at colleges, international conventions and seminars and he is certified by APICS as CFPIM (Certified Fellow in Production and Inventory Management) and as CIRM (Certified in Resource Management).

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – What is ERP 
Chapter 2 – Class A ERP Performance
Chapter 3 – Business Planning
Chapter 4 – Sales Forecasting
Chapter 5 – Top Management Production Planning
Chapter 6 – Sales and Operations Planning
Chapter 7 – Master Production Scheduling
Chapter 8 – MRP (Material Requirements Planning)
Chapter 9 – Data Accuracy Requirements
Chapter 10 – Procurement Process
Chapter 11 – Internal Shop Floor Controls
Chapter 12 – The Customer 
Chapter 13 – Project Management
Chapter 14 – The Management Systems for Class A
Chapter 15 – Education and Training for Success – The Investment in Human Capital
Chapter 16 – The Metrics Overview
Chapter 17 – Implementation of Class A ERP
Chapter 18 – Where Do We Go From Here?
Chapter 19 – The Role of Consultants

Appendix A – Summary of Criteria for Class A ERP Certification
Appendix B – Steps for Successful Class A Implementation