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Dealmaking Strategies & Techniques for Industry Professionals
By Damaris Valero
Hardcover, 6×9, 256 pages
ISBN: 978-1-60427-094-5
October 2014

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Our media options have increased and evolved more in the last decade then over the last century. This evolution affects all aspects of our lives and, more specifically, has forever altered how consumers interact with the brands vying for their attention on all types of media outlets. In today’s world, a brand cannot just preserve the status quo but must be positioned correctly within a tumultuous world of options for both advertisers and consumers. One of the big questions for a brand manager is whether to place the brand inside content that’s created exclusively with the brand in mind?  This is the idea behind Branded Entertainment (BE). It is not product placement but a concept where brands and solid, entertaining content become truly intertwined.

This book provides a thorough and practical understanding of the BE business including when it makes sense and when it doesn’t. It explains the roles and thought process of all parties involved in a potential deal: the brands, the networks, the content producers, and the ad/marketing agencies. Branded Entertainment outlines the many different scenarios that could surface in these arrangements depending on who leads a deal and who accepts production costs. It summarizes the do’s and don’ts of this business and gives the reader a checklist of things to keep in mind when at the deal table.

Key Features

  • Demystifies the concept of Branded Entertainment and separates what truly belongs in a BE deal and what does not
  • Provides a context and “rules” for BE deals which have not been defined in the current media business environment
  • Outlines deal parameters and considerations for brands, networks, ad agencies, and content producers (both in-house and independents)
  • Describes the team that should be built by each party so the sides reach profitable agreements that meet the goals of all the players
  • WAV offers a downloadable PowerPoint presentation on Branded Entertainment and sample documents on deal structure and a contract template — available from the Web Added Value™ Download Resource Center

About the author(s)

Damaris Valero has been the Managing Director and Executive Producer at Animus Entertainment Group since 2003.  Animus is a multimedia content provider company with offices in New York and Miami focusing on TV production, Branded Entertainment, and program development. Ms. Valero’s career in the television industry spans more than 25 years and her expertise and “know how” has become a symbol of leadership in the industry. She has developed numerous multi-layered deals and co-produced innovative programming ideas for networks and national advertisers through unique Branded Entertainment formulas.

She has led a successful career launching prime-time TV series, and cable and digital channels, building joint ventures between companies, and developing content with global groups like the BBC, the NFL, and Endemol. Her television career began at Telemundo pioneering the international distribution of content to Latin America. Later, she was called to startup MTV Networks in Latin America and helped make MTV the #1 advertising funded network with the largest distribution in Latin America after ESPN.

Ms. Valero started Animus Entertainment Group as an independent TV production operation in 2003. She has been a leader in the Branded Entertainment arena by concluding over 20 deals with companies like such as FOX, NBC, Univision, and ESPN. For over a decade, she has executive produced award-winning primetime series, formats and movies.  Her credits include: 21 DaysThe Ultimate MatchMusic and Lyrics (the series); La ParrandaThe Gold GameSex with MarilynThe Ultimate MatchOne Home, One FamilyRomancing Your PalateEl DiezAaron Loves NYThat’s Fresh and movie projects such as The Celestine Prophecy.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 — Defining Branded Entertainment: What It Is and What It Is Not
What Branded Entertainment Is
What Branded Entertainment Is Not
Why Branded Entertainment Now?

Chapter 2 — Two Words, One New Approach: Branded Entertainment
What Is the Actual Value of a Deal and What Is It Worth to a Brand?
Who Should Be on the Right Team to Assemble the Deal (the Proposition, the Execution, and the Delivery)?
Can the Execution of a Branded Entertainment Deal Work?
Misusing Branded Entertainment
Making Branded Entertainment
Making Branded Entertainment into a Deal
The Human Component
Starting Point of a Branded Entertainment Deal Proposition

Chapter 3 — The Players
The Media Outlets
The Producers
The Agencies
The Brands
The Players Meet

Chapter 4 — Starting the Process
The Idea
The Team
The Right Agreement
The Pitch
The Proposal
The Paperwork
Deal Examples

Chapter 5 — Leading the Deal
Formula 1: The Agency/Brand Leads
Formula 2: The Network Leads
Formula 3: The Content Developers/Producers Lead

Chapter 6 — Money
Cash Infusion
Profit Imperatives
Money Management

Chapter 7 — Mechanics and Metrics
The Overall Flow of a Deal
Measurement and Metrics

Appendix 1 — Case Study

Appendix 2 — Building Guidelines as a Document


“Native advertising, advertorials, paid content, brand placement…we all know that marketers are becoming content publishers. But how do all of the deals get done and what are the opportunities to be leveraged?  Valero does a masterful job of explaining how to expertly maneuver within this burgeoning marketplace.”
Alvaro Saralegui, Media Consultant to the NFL, formerly Advertising and Marketing Director at Sports Illustrated

Branded Entertainment: Dealmaking Strategies & Techniques for Industry Professionals is an immersive look at the elements of and players involved in a successful branded entertainment initiative. In this practical guide, Valero provides an in-depth understanding of the branded entertainment business written in a conversational tone that is easily understood by both novice and expert alike. She clearly demonstrates a high level of expertise held by few in this newly emerging blended advertising field, and provides the reader with beneficial insight by walking through the detailed steps necessary for such branded entertainment deals to come to fruition.” (The full review can be seen in the July 2015 edition of TheJournal of Brand Strategy)
Stacy Jones, CEO Hollywood Branded Inc.

“Evolving techniques for bringing content to fruition have made many media business models obsolete. If you are in entertainment or advertising, Valero’s strategies for monetizing content while enhancing entertainment value and preserving brand integrity are invaluable.”
Margaret Gilmore, VP, Disney Interactive

“Ms. Valero’s experience helps demystify a concept that is imperative to master in today’s marketing and media world. She lays out what you need to know, who to involve, and how to structure the right type of deal. No doubt reading this book will help make you an expert in no time.”
Lia Silkworth, EVP, Managing Director, Starcom Media Vest Group

“Branded content has become even more important in today’s fragmented media landscape. Today’s viewer has more options than ever when consuming their media whether they watch content on their TV, laptop, or mobile device. This book offers a one-of-a-kind look at how to make a Branded Entertainment deal happen. I strongly recommend it for all involved in the process.”
Billy Walker, Media Director, Anheuser Busch

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