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Downloadable tools, prepared by Marc Resch, PMP, author of Strategic Project Management Transformation: Delivering Maximum ROI & Sustainable Business Value, that will help guide and transform your projects into strategic and financial project management successThese tools include the customizable Microsoft Word versions of the PDF plans and template offered in WAV downloads, and the addition of a valuable Excel Cash Flow template and Cash Flow Model spreadsheet with built-in formulas ready for adoption.

Included in your order are the following items:

  • Business Plan (Word document)
  • Professional Development Game Plan for Success (Word document)
  • Cash Flow Model Template (Excel)
  • Cash Flow Model Spreadsheet (Excel)


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About the author(s)

Marc Resch, PMP, is a specialist in helping organizations generate optimal and sustainable business results from their project investments. His book, “Strategic Project Management Transformation: Delivering Maximum ROI & Sustainable Business Value”, offers readers insight on how to transform project management failures and sub-optimization into strategic and financial project management success. In his book Marc demonstrates for project managers and business professionals, how to establish processes that extend beyond closeout and enable stakeholders and operational teams to continue measuring and optimizing business value until all of a project’s objectives have been achieved or exceeded, thereby maximizing financial returns, beneficial change and competitive advantage for their organizations.

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