Mastering Organizational Change Management

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Barbara A. Davis
Hardcover, 6×9, 264 pages
ISBN: 978-1-60427-141-6
May 2017

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Over the past few decades, we’ve seen the discipline known as project management (PM) evolve, and witnessed huge growth in its use by organizations to achieve their goals and objectives. We have also seen a new profession known as business analysis (BA) develop from a variety of work previously performed by project managers, systems analysts, engineers, and other professional roles due to the need to improve the success rates of projects and programs. With the steady evolution and growth of this new role, we’ve learned that effective PM and BA collaboration can improve success rates dramatically.  More recently, thought leaders and industry insiders have begun to recognize the synergies of these roles with the discipline known as change management, and the opportunity for even more success. Early indications show the success rates for strategic projects using change management regularly average around 70%.

Mastering Organizational Change Management provides a practical model for organizational change professionals, senior business analysts, project and program management leaders, and executives to follow in developing and executing any important change initiative or major enterprise transformation effort. It will also show how to measure and analyze the effectiveness of change initiatives and the activities used to achieve successful results.

Key Features

  • Identifies the internal and external barriers to successful change with a focus on the human factors, and shows how to gain a thorough understanding of the business ecosystem before planning, initiating, or executing any change effort
  • Condenses the vast number of root causes for change into a few all-encompassing reasons, including scaling back of operations, continuous improvement, facilitating growth, and mergers and acquisitions
  • Describes four proven frameworks for managing change—ADKAR, IIEMO, AIDA and the Kotter 8-Step Model—and outlines which framework tends to work best given the barriers to change, business ecosystem, reasons for change, and organizational goals
  • Covers how to develop and execute a winning organizational change management strategy, including tips, techniques, activities, and key stages for ensuring success
  • Shows how the principles of gamification can dramatically increase employee engagement during a change initiative
  • Illustrates how to baseline and measure the success of organizational change initiatives, including how to develop and use a change scorecard for predicting the ability of an organization to make a change, and how to use it to re-evaluate throughout the transformation and when it is completed
  • WAV offers various impact assessment tools, a functional complexity matrix, and a change scorecard template to assist practitioners in evaluating, planning, executing, and measuring the success of an organizational change initiative—available from the Web Added ValueTM Download Resource Center

About the author(s)

Barbara A. Davis has been a champion for technology standards, infrastructure, and organizational change management for over 16 years. She is an international speaker who also works with Fortune 500 companies to realign business analysis services, critical and struggling projects, and establish operational infrastructure in order to ensure successful outcomes in the face of conflict and challenging circumstances.

Barbara came into technology with a degree in conflict resolution and over 15 years of functional business experience including professional training, project management, community development, business ownership, change management, and conflict resolution. She has drawn on these experiences throughout the course of her career and has become a champion by defining the organizational capability through infrastructure (such as career paths, assessment tools, competencies, key performance indicators), training (such as educational programs and workshops), and through the creation of Centers of Excellence and management frameworks. She audits and redefines operational management of key practice areas and methodologies.

Throughout her career, Barbara has interviewed and assessed hundreds of resources, and has held titles and roles including Manager of Human Capital, Business and IT Portfolio Manager, IT Operational Manager, Methodologist, Solutions Consultant, Project Manager, Business Analyst, Author, and Professional Skills Trainer. Her experiences include Operational Management, Organizational Change Management, Document Management, Vendor Management, Configuration Management, Change Control, Practice Management, Business Analysis, Project Management, Cyber Security, and auditing PMO methodologies.

Barbara Davis has published numerous articles and is author of the books entitled Managing Business Analysis Services: A Framework for Sustainable Projects and Corporate Strategy SuccessGoing Beyond the Waterfall: Managing Scope Across the Project Life Cycle, and Mastering Software Project Requirements. She created the world’s first university-accredited business analysis diploma program and has spoken at Project Summit/BA World Conferences across Canada, the United States, and India.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: The Barriers to Change

Chapter 2: The Reasons for Change

Chapter 3: Interpreting the Language of Change

Chapter 4: The Process of Change

Chapter 5: Understanding the Business

Chapter 6: Understanding the Change

Chapter 7: Who Is Impacted by the Change

Chapter 8: Organizational Change Management Approaches

Chapter 9: Organizational Change Management Techniques

Chapter 10: How to Measure Success

Chapter 11: Creating a Winning Organizational Change Management Strategy

Chapter 12: Adopting a Culture of Change



“This book is a solid resource for introducing change management to business analysis organizations. I particularly found value in the Organizational Change Manager Techniques and Creating a Winning Organizational Change Management Strategy sections.”

Michael R. Roy, Principal, MRR Consulting

“This is an insightful, multi-dimensional, and comprehensive guide to effectively navigating organizational change in the modern, digital age. Highly recommended!”

Richa Kaila Mukherjee, Learning and Talent Development Consultant