Modern Corporate Risk Management

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A Blueprint for Positive Change and Effectiveness
By Glenn Koller
Hardcover, 6×9, 320 pages
ISBN: 1-932159-52-5
March 2007

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21st century companies are constantly evaluating and re-evaluating the risk inherent to their businesses. Many firms have instituted risk management programs to plan for and better protect key investments and risk-related change management initiatives to execute change in the organization. This implementation, however, can be difficult due to its complexity and because many areas of the firm can be resistant to change.

Modern Corporate Risk Management offers forward-thinking, practical solutions to the technical, organizational, cultural, and political problems related to corporate portfolio risk management, including how to realize the related changes needed in most corporations to become effective. Written in an easy-to-understand format by an expert who has worked in a broad spectrum of businesses and industries, this book explores using probabilistic techniques for budget/portfolio processes and estimating project value, implementing external verification and “assembly line” processes, promoting holistic thinking, and encouraging cross-silo interactions. This valuable reference is for anyone who has responsibility for managing enterprise or project management risk.

Key Features

  • Presents practical and easy-to-understand solutions to technical, organizational, cultural, political and change management problems related to corporate portfolio risk management that can be implemented in most any industry
  • Offers risk-related advice for people in services, logistics, engineering, sales, marketing, legal, finance, research, commercial, environmental, construction, information technology and other corporate departments
  • Includes examples and instruction on managing portfolios of projects with risk-based metrics, such as the expected value of success (EVS) and the expected value for the portfolio (EVP) and their use in effective corporate portfolio management
  • Provides techniques for using probabilistic and stochastic methods to estimate project values and budgets, and for making optimal financial decisions at all corporate levels

About the author(s)

Glenn Koller is a Senior Advisor for Risk Evaluation at BP with responsibilities including implementation of risk-assessment and risk-management technologies and processes in the corporation, development of statistical routines that comprise corporate risk systems, marketing risk technology, and performing technical and consulting services. His experience includes portfolio management, business and product development, managing environmental concerns, ranking and prioritization of projects and products, analysis of legal scenarios, and other aspects of the corporation’s diversified business. Mr. Koller has authored three books on risk/uncertainty, holds two U.S. and international patents, is a sought-after keynote speaker at risk-related conferences, and is a technical advisor to the pharmaceutical industry. He received his Ph.D. in geochemistry/geophysics from Syracuse University

Table of Contents

Selected Readings
Chapter 1 – Define the Concepts and Terms
Chapter 2 – Some of the Fundamental Problems
Chapter 3 – The Problems (“Hey, is this a mirror? I think I see myself!”)
Chapter 4 – Solutions to the Problems: Assessment of the Situation
Chapter 5 – Solutions to the Problems: Changing the Organization
Chapter 6 – Solutions to the Problems: Changing the Processes
Chapter 7 – Solutions to the Problems: The Aftermath