Winning E-Learning Proposals

Winning E-Learning Proposals


The Art of Development and Delivery
By Karl M. Kapp, Ed.D.
Hardcover, 6×9, 336 pages
ISBN: 1-932159-04-5
May 2003

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Basic Proposal Requirements Worksheet (PDF)Download
Bidder Conference Questions and Responses (PDF)Download
Bidders Conference Questions (PDF)Download
Checklist for Unbiased Proposal Writing (PDF)Download
Clarus Designs RFP (PDF)Download
Cover Letter Worksheet (PDF)Download
E-Learning Formula Estimation Worksheet (PDF)Download
Executive Summary Worksheet (PDF)Download
Problem Definition Worksheet (PDF)Download
Requirements Matrix (PDF)Download
RFP 2008 BARM (PDF)Download
RFP Obtainment Methods Worksheet (PDF)Download
RFP Truckro (PDF)Download
Solution Definition Worksheet (PDF)Download
Team Role Sheet (PDF)Download
Response to Truckco RFP (PDF)Download

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