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If you are an instructor and would like to review a title(s) for possible course adoption, please note the following 45-Day Textbook Review Policy below.


If you are an instructor and would like to review select titles for possible course adoption, J. Ross Publishing offers you a couple of options.

1. E-book review using Vitalsource or 

This is the preferred method, and in some cases the only way, for reviewing potential titles for adoption. With the rising costs and wait time associated with shipping physical copies of books, and to better meet the needs of our international instructors, J. Ross offers you access to full, digital versions of our titles for 45 days. Once a title has been adopted as required reading for a course, we will send you a physical copy of the book if you request one.

 We use two digital sampling platforms:  Vitalsource and RedShelf:

  • If you already have a pre-approved Vitalsource professor account, simply search for our title to gain immediate access to a full digital version.
  • If you do not have an account, you may create one on Vitalsource or RedShelf or email us ( with your information, including course name and number. Upon receipt and processing, we will place the e-book on your bookshelf.
  • Visit or to learn more, or contact us if you need assistance.

2. 45-day Textbook Review Policy – Request for a physical copy of a book:

  • Under this program, J. Ross will send you a review copy of the title of interest for your review, without prepayment.
  • In accordance with our 45-day Review Policy, you will be able to review and evaluate the book for a period of 45 days (from the date of receipt), to determine whether it is appropriate for your course.
  • Within this 45-day period we ask that you contact us with your decision regarding your plans for the book.
  • After 45 days an invoice will be mailed to you with payment for the book due within 30 days. Your choices are the following:
    • If you choose to adopt the book for your course, you may keep the copy sent to you FREE OF CHARGE. Simply notify us of your plans and we will credit your account accordingly.
    • If you determine the book is not appropriate for your course you may return the book in resalable condition and we will credit your account.
    • Although the book may not be appropriate for your course, you may decide to purchase the book for your own personal library and pay the invoice.


Prior to requesting a review copy, please note the 45-Day Textbook Review Policy as described above. For your convenience, we have provided an online request form. Simply click on the link below and follow the prompts.

Please note: some of our titles have future publication dates and may not be immediately available to ship. For your convenience, we will put your request on hold and we will send the book to you when it publishes.

Click here to submit a request online.


When a J. Ross Publishing title is adopted and designated for use as required course material, students, professors, and universities can enjoy money-saving benefits and valuable resources with our J. Ross Student Discount Program:

Students: Students will receive an added discount when they purchase the adopted textbook on our website. With this special program, we create a unique discount code specifically for students in the course, and provide this code and special pricing to the adopting professor to share with the students. With this special discount code used during check out, students will receive an additional discount off of our already discounted Direct Price. These special prices are not publicized on our website, and are only available through this unique Special Student Discount Program.

Instructors: Many of our titles offer supplemental, companion materials, and are made available in our Web Added Value™ Download Resource Center on this website. These materials extend and enhance the learning process, and offer added value. For titles created for instructional use, supplemental teaching materials are often available. The specific materials will vary by title and may include solutions manuals, exercises, instructional slide decks, etc. Access is restricted for those materials that are intended for instructors only, and access is made available upon request.  If you have adopted a title as required reading for course/training purposes, please contact us at for access to any teaching supplements available and for Student Discount information.


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