Real People Real Recovery

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Overcoming Addiction in Modern America
Eric Spofford and Piers Kaniuka
Softcover, 6×9, 232 pages
ISBN: 978-1-60427-166-9
May 2019
Features a Prologue Dr. Bruce Alexander

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The opioid epidemic is laying waste to America. Overdose deaths have decimated a generation and lowered overall life expectancy. Between the greed of Big Pharma, the war on drugs, and ineffectual treatment, addicts and their families face an uphill battle in getting the help they need.  But there is a way out! Noted recovery professionals Eric Spofford and Piers Kaniuka are providing some much needed hope. In this book, they describe how they beat opiate addiction and went on to help thousands of addicts find recovery. Along the way, they discuss the root causes of the current opiate epidemic, which include dislocation, the prison industrial complex, the greed of the pharmaceutical industry, stress, racism, poverty, and much more. In addition, Real People Real Recovery explains the difference between recovery and sobriety and what actually constitutes success in treatment.

Key Features

  • Provides useful, unique information on how to choose the right treatment center for yourself or your loved one
  • Offers valuable insight from two of the leading voices in the New England recovery community as well as from Dr. Bruce Alexander, a noted pioneer in the field
  • Thoroughly explains their model of addiction treatment, which focuses on the root causes of addiction and why meaning, purpose, and connection are essential to recovery
  • Analyzes and assesses the societal factors that are exacerbating and perpetuating the opioid epidemic in the U.S.
  • Provides a unique blueprint for recovery that weds the 12 Steps and the Dislocation Theory of addiction

About the author(s)

Eric Spofford, CEO of Granite Recovery Centers, is an expert in the fields of addiction and recovery. He’s become a leading voice and advocate for abstinence-based treatment and recovery, has testified before the United States Senate, and is regularly quoted in the press about a variety of opioid- and addiction-related issues.

Originally from Salem, N.H., he started using drugs in his early teens and became a heroin addict by age 15. He was in and out of treatment and had many run-ins with police before he got clean in 2006. Eric became a fixture in the local recovery community and started Granite Recovery Centers in 2008 when he opened The Granite House, an extended care program for men in Derry, NH. He has since opened several more facilities with a total of 280 beds for men and women and has grown Granite Recovery Centers into the largest substance abuse treatment network in New England.

Eric has been featured in the Boston Globe, the Boston Herald, WMUR, and The Union Leader, among numerous other media outlets, and hosts the weekly podcast, “Real People. Real Recovery.” He’s also featured in the documentary “The Heroin Effect,” which is about how the opioid epidemic has impacted New Hampshire.

Piers Kaniuka is Director–Spiritual Life at Granite Recovery Centers. He has worked in the field of addiction for over twenty years and is an expert in how to best utilize holistic practices in the treatment of addiction. Piers is the former chair of the department of Transpersonal Psychology at Burlington College and is a core faculty member in the Contemplative Spiritual Direction certificate program at the Alcyon Center in Seal Cove, Maine. He is also a co-founder of the Liberation Institute, a non-profit dedicated to training incarcerated men and women to become yoga instructors. Piers has Master’s degrees in Theological Studies (Bangor Theological Seminary) and Counseling Psychology (Antioch University, New England). He is also a certified yoga instructor.

Table of Contents

Prologue – Feeling a Paradigm Shift – by Dr. Bruce Alexander

Chapter 1: Introduction – How Did We Get Here?

Chapter 2: Eric’s Story

Chapter 3: Piers’ Story

Chapter 4: Eric and Piers

Chapter 5: 12 Steps Revisited

Chapter 6: RID and the 12 Steps

Chapter 7: Spiritual, Not Religious

Chapter 8: Dates and Trends

Chapter 9: The Dislocation Theory of Addiction

Chapter 10: Big Pharma

Chapter 11: The War on Drug Addicts

Chapter 12: Perils and Pitfalls

Chapter 13: What Is Success?

Chapter 14: How to Choose a Treatment Center

Chapter 15: The Mission of the Tribe

Chapter 16: Real People Real Recovery

Chapter 17: Conclusion




“An insightful, powerful investigation into how pharmaceutical interests create addicts and markets for their drugs: opiates and, once a psychiatric diagnosis is given to the person grappling with addiction, a panoply of psychiatric drugs. As this book makes clear, once that is understood, we can start imagining different paths to real recovery.”

Robert Whitaker, author of Anatomy of an Epidemic

“As someone who has worked closely alongside Eric Spofford and seen the work he has done in the trenches to fight this epidemic, I can promise that anyone looking for some guidance or support in this fight will find it within the pages of this book. Eric and his movement are inspiring and making a difference in the lives of thousands of people every day.”

Former U.S. Rep. Frank Giunta (R-New Hampshire)