The Procurement Game Plan

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Winning Strategies and Techniques for Supply Management Professionals
By Charles Dominick, SPSM, and Soheila R. Lunney, Ph.D.
Hardcover, 6 x 9, 264 pages
ISBN: 978-1-60427-067-9
March 2012

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This valuable guide provides an easy-to-follow game plan with strategies for procurement and supply management professionals to improve supplier relationships, secure measurable cost reductions, achieve operational effectiveness and efficiency, and positively impact margins and competitiveness for their organizations. The Procurement Game Plan offers the guidance needed to take the procurement professional’s career and department to the next level. This tool is ideal for self-learning, training, and classroom instruction.

Key Features

  • Provides valuable insights and knowledge into the principles, processes, and practices of strategic procurement and how to manage a productive and successful procurement organization
  • Uses real-world scenarios and examples to make the procurement and supply management principles and concepts more relevant and easy to understand
  • Presents guidelines, techniques, and tools for converting a transaction-based reactive function into a proactive and powerful strategic contributor, and includes practical advice on selecting the most effective organizational design
  • Simplifies complex concepts and breaks them down into easy-to-follow steps so that professionals with different skill levels can apply them and secure tangible results for their organization
  • Demonstrates how to gain the buy-in of “C” level executives for approving resources and supporting various procurement initiatives and programs
  • WAV features a 13-point procurement ethics checklist, a 20-point proposal evaluation checklist, a 21-point negotiation checklist, and a case study on “Business Process Re-engineering and e-Procurement Implementation at ASSET, Inc.” — available from the Web Added Value™ Download Resource Center at

About the author(s)

Charles Dominick, SPSM, SPSM2, is the President and Founder of Next Level Purchasing, Inc., a globally-recognized provider of high-quality education for procurement departments and supply management professionals and the exclusive source for the Senior Professional in Supply Management certifications. Under his leadership, Next Level Purchasing has earned several industry awards and honors. Mr. Dominick has trained procurement professionals from over 100 countries and post-training success stories of companies receiving his training have been featured in Supply & Demand Chain Executive and Purchasing Magazine, including two cover stories. Charles is a sought-after speaker and his articles have appeared in numerous magazines.

Dr. Soheila R. Lunney, SPSM, is President of Lunney Advisory Group LLC, a firm that provides procurement and supply chain management coaching, mentoring, and training services. Dr. Lunney is also a Director of ASSET, Inc. — an education improvement nonprofit organization. She has served on the Board of Directors of the Pittsburgh Chapter of the Institute for Supply Management for the last seven years and as an advisory board member of numerous organizations. Soheila was previously Vice President of Procurement for Education Management Corporation and Deputy Director to the Chief Procurement Officer at Bayer Corporation. Ms. Lunney is also a published author and frequent speaker.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Procurement’s Place in the Organization: What Position Does Supply Management Play?
Chapter 2: Setting a Supply Management Strategy: Developing the Procurement Playbook
Chapter 3: Procurement Talent Management: Ensuring That You Have the Right Players on Your Team
Chapter 4: Social Responsibility in Procurement: The New Rules for a More Responsible Game
Chapter 5: Strategic Sourcing for More Effective Procurement: Marching Toward the Goal Line
Chapter 6: Comparing & Qualifying Suppliers: Separating the Winners from the Losers
Chapter 7: Negotiating With Suppliers: Jockeying for Position
Chapter 8: Negotiation in Specialized Situations: Adapting Your Game Plan for Different Conditions
Chapter 9: Implementing Agreements and Managing Supplier Relationships: From the Whiteboard to the Field
Chapter 10: Measuring Procurement Performance: Analyzing the Scoreboard
Chapter 11: Technologies and Services for Improving Procurement Performance: The Sticks, Gloves, and Bats of Supply Management
Chapter 12: Specialized Areas of Procurement: “Special Teams” Players Are Important
Chapter 13: A Career in Procurement: Becoming an All-Star


“Charles Dominick and Soheila Lunney have created a book that will become a purchasing classic, a tutorial that everyone will want to have close by!”
R. Gregg Brandyberry, Senior Advisor, A.T. Kearney Procurement and Analytic Solutions

“I am keeping this book containing easy-to-follow approaches for implementing procurement best practices and methodologies on my shelf as my go-to reference.”
Susan Avery, Chief Editor,

“I highly recommend this book on achieving high performance to all executives and managers serious about unlocking profitability by utilizing the lever of procurement.”
Dr. Ahmad Soltani-Ahmadi, Vice President and CPO, Bayer Corporation

“A candid and comprehensive look at how to succeed in procurement—a must read for procurement professionals and everyone from college graduates to CPOs.”
Juan Molina, CPO, Westinghouse Electric Company

“Not your classic ‘dry’ textbook, but an easy read with something for everyone in procurement.”
Mitch Plaat, Vice President of Procurement, Con-way Inc.