Project Management the Agile Way, 2nd Edition, Instructor Materials

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Instructors materials serve as a companion to the book, Project Management the Agile Way, Second Edition: Making it Work in the Enterprise. The following are Included in this valuable bundle:

  • A comprehensive, 228-instructional slide presentation. Slides include useful author notes as well as essay-type answers to Critical Thinking questions raised in the book. The presentation is in PowerPoint format allowing instructors and trainers the ability to customize as needed to meet their individual requirements.
  • Customizable, Word versions of the same 6 whitepapers in PDF format that are available in the WAV section:

Four Big Ideas that Drive Agile Quality whitepaper
Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM) whitepaper
Architecture in the Agile Space whitepaper
Benefits Realization whitepaper
Agile and U.S. Department of Defense whitepaper
Managing Test whitepaper

Academic professors adopting this book should email for information about receiving these materials for free.  

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