Organizational Project Portfolio Management Tools and Templates

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Downloadable Excel files providing templates with built-in formulas for quick and accurate data calculation that are ready for your immediate implementation; and Appendix A — A case example (Wireless in Washington) illustrating Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) and Sensitivity Analysis

Included in your order are the following:

  • Table 11-1: Scoring Model (Excel)
  • Table 12-1 & Figure 12-1: Efficient Frontier Example (Excel)
  • Table 12-2: Weighted Scoring Model (Excel)
  • Table 12-3: Forced Ranking of Projects (Excel)
  • Table 12-4: Paired Comparison of Projects (Excel)
  • Figure 13-5: Source Data for Monte Carlo Simulation (Excel)
  • Appendix A: Wireless in Washington Case (PDF)
  • Appendix A DCF Calculations & Sensitivity Analysis Tables (Excel)

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