Project Quality Management, Second Edition, Instructor Course Materials

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Direct Price: $30.00


Project Quality Management, Second Edition, Course Materials contain four presentation modules containing over 270 customizable instructional slides designed to assist in presentations for both academic courses and professional training. The four presentation modules are as follows:

  • Quality Foundations
  • Quality Management
  • Quality Tools
  • Quality in Practice


In addition to the presentation modules, the following support materials are also included and ready for your customization:

  • Case Study
  • Quality Assurance Plan template
  • L-shaped Matrix template
  • Full Analytical Criteria Method
  • Red Bead Experiment Guidance
  • Practical Exercise Tool Tips
  • Instructor Guidance
  • Course Syllabus
  • Student Manual Cover Sheet


All materials included follow the content in Project Quality Management: Why, What and How, Second Edition.
Academic professors adopting this book should email for information on receiving this material for free.

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