Innovation, Product Development and Commercialization

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Case Studies and Key Practices for Market Leadership
By Dariush Rafinejad, Ph.D.
Hardcover, 7×10, 428 pages
ISBN: 978-1-932159-70-7
June 2007

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To succeed in the 21st century, firms must integrate their business, market, technology and resource strategies into a holistic product approach, and match technological innovation to market opportunities. Unlike other books on product development that limit their scope to the product development process, Innovation, Product Development and Commercialization takes a unique holistic approach and examines the diverse issues that managers face to channel resources in the right direction for global commercial success. The book explores innovation, new product development and commercialization decisions within an integrated framework of business, market, technology, and resource strategy. It also includes guidance on matching technology innovation to market opportunities, and details commercialization of innovation and new products and continuous improvement of existing products.

Innovation, Product Development and Commercialization probes not only into the critical issues of innovation and product development, but also organizational leadership and management, and the impact of organizational structures and business processes in product leadership. This comprehensive book presents the details and nuances of a flexible product development process including best practices in R&D, product and process engineering, marketing, and commercialization. It also covers the topic of technology and product portfolio planning, which is critical to proper prioritization of opportunities and investment strategies. This book is an important read for executives at the strategic level and a valuable desk reference for project managers, engineering managers, quality managers, product and marketing managers, design and process engineers, industrial engineers, manufacturing engineers, value engineers, mechanical engineers, systems engineers and others engaged in product development, innovation and commercialization.

Key Features

  • Describes commercialization of innovation and new products in fast-paced, high-tech markets and matching technological innovation to market opportunities
  • Details how to manage portfolios of technologies and products for market leadership
  • Shows how to integrate business, market, technology and resource strategies for optimal product development decisions and global commercialization success
  • Includes proven and state-of-the-art best practices in executing new product development projects, including R&D and marketing, design and process engineering, quality, leadership and management concepts, and organizational structures
  • Provides numerous case studies of business-to-business and high-tech products and markets that embody managerial challenges in a new product development environment

About the author(s)

Dariush Rafinejad, Ph.D., has more than 25 years of experience as a senior executive in high-tech industries in Silicon Valley, California, including serving as Corporate Vice President and General Manager of business units at Applied Materials Corporation and Vice President of R&D and Product Development at Lam Research Corporation. He is currently the President and Founder of Blue Dome Consulting. Mr. Rafinejad has also taught courses in product development and commercialization and high-tech marketing at Stanford University and the University of California, Berkeley.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 — Introduction
Chapter 2 — High-Technology Strategic Context
Chapter 3 — Aggregate Strategy
Chapter 4 — Marketing Management
Chapter 5 — Product Platform and Knowledge Integration
Chapter 6 — Product Development Process
Chapter 7 — Excellence in Design and Product Reliability
Chapter 8 — Flawless Execution and Global Resource Management
Chapter 9 — Project Management in Product Development
Chapter 10 — Best Practices for Managers of Product Development
Chapter 11 — Managing Product and Technology Portfolios for Shareholder Value
Chapter 12 — Appendix: Semiconductor Manufacturing Process Equipment


Innovation, Product Development and Commercialization presents a holistic framework for the development of high-technology products. A systems approach is advocated and illustrated in which all of the functional units within a firm interactively contribute to the product realization process. I found the discussion of a flexible vs. a structured product development process especially enlightening. Also the exposition on platforms and derivatives provides absolutely essential knowledge for all product designers. The case studies throughout this book effectively illuminate the issues and provide focus. This is a book to which every serious student and practitioner of product development should read.”

Robert Carlson, Professor, MS&E Department, Stanford University